Gimmick Press Family News

Gimmick Press is excited to announce that pre-order information for our latest collection, OBSESSED: Essays on Pop Culture Obsession, will be available very soon, but first we wanted to draw attention to some projects the extended Gimmick Press family have in the works.

First, Three-Way Dance author Mike Chin has a new book of short stories, You Might Forget the Sky Was Ever Blue, published by Duck Lake Books, and they’re celebrating with a virtual release party, which you can watch here.

Next, “Worthless Treasure” contributor Colin Dodd started a fundraiser to help with the launch of his new novel, Ms. Never.

In addition to that, author of Live Nude Guys, Shane Allison, is a featured writer and artist in Gay Death Trance.

And to top it all off, Mark James Andrews, author of Motor City is Burning and other Rock & Roll Poems, is participating in the 8th Annual Midtown Detroit Lit Walk (Facebook event link here).

Gimmick Press is so proud of our growing family of authors and artists, who continue to do and make incredible things!