Gimmick Press welcomes submissions for its new online feature: Worthless Treasures.

Do you have a poem about Pogs? A micro essay about Beanie Babies? If it’s priceless to you, but couldn’t fetch a dollar on eBay, we want to read about it. However, we are still looking for high-quality creative writing. Your Garbage Pail Kids might have rounded corners, but your writing should be “Gem Mint” (or at least “Near Mint”).

Please submit up to 3 poems, works of flash fiction, micro essays (1000 words or less), or a combo of each to GimmickPress@Gmail.Com. Please write “Worthless Treasures” in the subject line and copy and paste the text of your submission in the body of your email. No cover letter or bio are required at the time of submission, but you are welcome to include one.

Gimmick Press encourages the submission of writing by underrepresented authors.

Submission responses will be sent as soon as possible, in the order they were received, but please be patient. Simultaneous submissions are OK, but all writing must be previously unpublished, and please notify us if your writing has been accepted for publication elsewhere.

Upon the publication of your writing, you will receive payment of $5 per published piece. We wish we could offer more, but we are a small, independent press, with no official connection to any organization or institution.  

Gimmick Press assumes only First Electronic Rights. Copyright reverts to author upon publication.